Published the Yarim project’s summary report & advocacy

“The fight against religious radicalisation among young people can only be achieved by working together with youth workers and young people themselves. We believe, collectively, in the need to support primary prevention approaches that consider the needs of young people, their strengths, their needs for engagement, their search for meaning, including when this search is of a spiritual nature”.

This is one of the conclusions of the Yarim project’s summary report & advocacy, a document published online with this summary:

  • Context of the YARIM project’s emergence
  • Presentation of the YARIM project
  • An initial observation shared by the various European partners Three innovative productions
  • What did YARIM teach us about our European youth?
  • Advocacy
  • Conclusion


1. Presentation of the productions of the YARIM project

  • Training module for youth worker
  • The toolbox on active listening to young people for new youth partnerships / institutions
  • Youth guide for good practice in interfaith dialogue

2. Presentation of the partners

You can download the full document here