YARIM’S conference in The Netherlands – 17th October 2019

IDEA organized the YARIM presentation conference in The Netherlands under the title “Tell, Listen and Inspire” on 17th October 2019 in Deventer. The event took place in the inspirational Etty Hillesum Center, named after the Dutch author of confessional letters and diaries describing the persecution of Jewish people in Amsterdam during the WWII.

The conference aims to equip youth workers, social work teachers, youth and policy makers the proper YARIM tools to deal constructively with misunderstandings and tensions due to different religions and cultures of a heterogeneous group, class, neighborhood or city. The educational tools that YARIM consortium has developed will be launched!

As member of the YARIM consortium, IDEA introduced the curriculum “Inter-religious dialogue”, which has been developed with the European partners including the High School Department of Social Work of Lille. This curriculum consists of seven modules applicable for the training and education of future youth workers, teachers and policymakers. The document is designed to encourage the participants to share stories about their religion and culture. In addition, the youth workers will be provided with a toolkit of ready-made assignments useful to teach young people to listen to each other in a diverse context.

This event represented an opportunity to also showcase some best practices of communities who have successfully set up interreligious dialogues in parks, neighborhoods, squares and choirs.