The final session of the presentation of the YARIM project in Portugal was held Wednesday, October 30 2019 at the Education Institute of University of Lisbon, in partnership with Adult Education Department by CAI and Master Students of IE-UL.

In a time of uncertainty, new societal epiphenomena are seen and felt as a threat to social cohesion. The social bond is weakening and we are witnessing events resulting from its breakdown: terrorism, political and social polarization, radicalization leading to violence, phenomena related to refugees, migrants and poverty are issues that we face daily as citizens but also as social actors.

CAI presented YARIM Intellectual Outputs, (the training module, the interfaith guide and the toolkit for youth workers) and showed YARIM’s website with all these products translated into Portuguese.

In the second part of the conference some students presented and facilitated some activities that are part of the YARIM toolkit where we can find 25 activities to do with young people on these issues.